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Posted by gantinxx - January 2nd, 2010

If you have not gotten this you should pick it up. It is a must have for any game collection online is awsome and the community is great get it.

Posted by gantinxx - November 11th, 2009

Basically I am a gamer and when ever I hear about parents blaming video games it just makes me mad. I understand that columbine was horrible but don't sit there and try to blame a game for two guys fucked up shit. Then there was another one where the parents sued an game company because their kid went to the top of a 24 story building and jumped off and said that it was the companies fault. The parents won... then you hear about the parents say i did not know it was rated M or what not it says it on the front of the dam game. Parents you need to start taking responsibilities and stop playing other people when your kid fucks up. End rant.

parents and video games

Posted by gantinxx - November 7th, 2009

So why is it that people always complain about us hunters? What just because we like to get are meat a different way then say going to a super market and picking up a slab from the shelf. So whats the big dam deal?

Posted by gantinxx - November 4th, 2009

so there will be a show on December 4 at the underground in sandusky ohio. the bands that will be playing are chasing the sirens, bloodlined calligraphy, hope for the dying, xquicksilverx, gale tempest, this bloods for you, labor of hercules, through blood, kingpin, ariva . The doors to the bar open at 5 but show usually don't start till 8:30 If you want more info www.myspace.com/crimsontearzmgt. all ages are welcome.

Posted by gantinxx - November 4th, 2009

So my bro is working with this company and i thought i would help him out. If you are into metal and hardcore and know where the undergrounds is in Sandusky ohio bring 6 bucks or however much if you drink and listen to some good music or even get into some mashing. I don't know all the bands but one of them is bring me the horizon there is going to be a bunch of people so. you never know might meet somebody. Also a little word wear shoes if you go into the mens bathroom since a lot of people are drunk at the end of the night most fluids end up hitting the floor. If you go i will be sitting near the bar with some person who will have really curly hair just stop and say what up if you want. Also the show is November 20 I will post times when i find out exactly.