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music lovers and beer drinker

2009-11-04 19:39:05 by gantinxx

So my bro is working with this company and i thought i would help him out. If you are into metal and hardcore and know where the undergrounds is in Sandusky ohio bring 6 bucks or however much if you drink and listen to some good music or even get into some mashing. I don't know all the bands but one of them is bring me the horizon there is going to be a bunch of people so. you never know might meet somebody. Also a little word wear shoes if you go into the mens bathroom since a lot of people are drunk at the end of the night most fluids end up hitting the floor. If you go i will be sitting near the bar with some person who will have really curly hair just stop and say what up if you want. Also the show is November 20 I will post times when i find out exactly.


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