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parents and video games

2009-11-11 15:03:07 by gantinxx

Basically I am a gamer and when ever I hear about parents blaming video games it just makes me mad. I understand that columbine was horrible but don't sit there and try to blame a game for two guys fucked up shit. Then there was another one where the parents sued an game company because their kid went to the top of a 24 story building and jumped off and said that it was the companies fault. The parents won... then you hear about the parents say i did not know it was rated M or what not it says it on the front of the dam game. Parents you need to start taking responsibilities and stop playing other people when your kid fucks up. End rant.

parents and video games


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2009-11-11 15:06:40

truer words have never been spoken.

gantinxx responds:

thank you I know a lot of people have to agree with me.


2009-11-11 15:10:45

Dude I totally agree! I used to work for GS. One great idea someone high up came up with was explaining to parents WHY the M rating was given (sex, extreme violence, etc). And if the person purchasing the game was under 17 then someone over 18 had to be present to buy said game. The consequences of selling to someone under 17 were HUGE (fine, loss of job and your manager got fined as well so it was overtly pushed to check ID's). I had a few parents say no to a game once I went over what was involved in the game. Perfect example (as well as hilarious) was GoW2, some 14 yr old kid pre-ordered it with dad. Mom was with him when game came out, when she found out the reasoning behind the M rating she went nuts and called her husband and spent 10 minutes screaming at him for letting their kid pre-order such a violent game. Needless to say she cancelled the order and put the money on a T rated game instead. Kid was ticked off but it just shows you that sometimes you need to point issues like this out to parents before they buy a game.

gantinxx responds:

wow i would hate to be that kid man that would be so degrading to me lol.